Hi there, I’m Michael Yakutis! I’m a multi-disciplined illustrator, graphic designer, and screen printer from Crescent City, California. I have worked as a contributing artist for a myriad of comic books, video games, musical albums, film studios, drawing tutorial sites, and more. I have a strong mind for marketing and strategy, which is greatly beneficial when designing logos or rebranding a company’s image. I’m also in the early stages of starting my own t-shirt screen printing business, Black Bulb Design! I spend my free time learning more about my craft, playing with my two dogs, and taking walks on the beach with my lovely fiancé.


I’m available for hire for any of your graphic design needs. Feel free to contact me!



                   GRAPHIC DESIGN                                                  PAINTINGS                                                        COMICS










Some of my clients:
William Shatner’s Singularity
Stan Lee’s God Woke
Simon and Schuster
Black Moth Films
Forgehouse Films
Goldwulf Digital
NPA Games
Werewolf Online
Killer Robot Factory
Outdoor Pro Shop
Helium Films USA
Workhorse Films
The Nathan Press
8:15 Comics
Donation Planet
Todd Michael Schultz